Facebook Data Of Millions Leaks Yet Again, This Time Via Amazon

06 April, 2019, 08:22 | Author: Gerard Cortez
  • Facebook users data exposed for an unknown period of time on Amazon public servers Report

UpGuard's Cyber Risk team announced in a blog post on Wednesday that Mexico City-based news website Cultura Colectiva had used Amazon servers to openly store 540 million records on Facebook users, including identification numbers, comments, reactions and account names.

At the Pool stopped operating in 2014 but the database was still available online, while Cultura Colectiva was notified in January by UpGuard but was not secured until Bloomberg reached out to Facebook for comment. Facebook's vice president of Engineering, Security and Privacy, assured users that the passwords were not publicly accessible and that there was no evidence that Facebook employees abused their access. The second data set is a backup from a Facebook-integrated app titled "At the Pool".

"Each of the data sets was stored in its own Amazon S3 bucket configured to allow public download of files". The "At the Pool" dataset also exposed unprotected passwords for 22,000 users.

Added Upguard: "As Facebook faces scrutiny over its data stewardship practices, they have made efforts to reduce third party access".

While Facebook is still investigating exactly what information was stored, a spokeswoman confirmed to Marketing that it has worked with Amazon to take down the databases and it remains committed to working with the developers on our platform to protect people's data.

Facebook is right to be a little sensitive after a number of privacy-related scandals. However, the database was only secured by Facebook yesterday morning.

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This is just another in a string of events in which third parties have exposed Facebook's data, something the social media giant is trying to address for some time now.

As indicated by UpGuard, neither one of the companies reacted to solicitations to have the data deleted. But as these exposures show, the data genie can not be put back in the bottle, ' the company explains. "In general, we work with developers to make sure that they're respecting people's information and using it only in ways that they want". While it might seem like something that is a bit of an overkill for what is essentially, mostly harmless data, it is still data that should never be exposed regardless.

Instead, the collection of data and its storage being out of the control of the originating company - and in the hands of the platform's developers - only increases the surface area where potential breaches and leaks can occur from the platform.

"Facebook is giving third-party app developers access to user data", Deraison said.

In the age of GDPR companies must realise that when they collect data they are responsible for it, regardless of whether they share it onwards or keep it themselves.


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