Trump unmoved on border wall demand as shutdown enters ninth day

31 December, 2018, 22:22 | Author: Trevor Moore
  • Conway Border wall debate ‘a foolish semantic argument

Trump says Democrats supported border security funding before, though that funding provided for fencing, not a wall. In the interview, Kelly said that the idea of a concrete wall had been left behind "early on" in Trump's administration.

President Donald Trump long ago backed away from his campaign pledge to construct a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border, his outgoing chief of staff said, as the president's demand for "border security" funding triggered a partial government shutdown with no end in sight.

A Trump-backed spending bill passed by House Republicans on December 21 included more than $5 billion in border-security funding that could be spent on a wall, but that measure has not gained traction in the Senate, where Democrats are resisting the president's demand.

President Trump has effectively shut down the government over a lack of funding for a $5 Billion border wall that was central to his 2016 presidential run that led to his presidency.

"I am in the White House waiting for the Democrats to come on over and make a deal on Border Security", he posted to social media early Monday morning.

House Democrats will vote Thursday, the first day of the new Congress in which they'll be in the majority, to reopen the government with six full-year appropriations bills and a short-term continuing resolution for the Department of Homeland Security, according to a senior Democratic aide.

Asked about the startling rhetoric, Mulvaney told Fox that Trump "is trying to draw light to the fact this is a insane discussion to be having".

Democrats formally take control of the House from Trump's fellow Republicans on Thursday after winning a majority of seats in November's mid-term congressional elections.

Graham told CNN before his lunch with Trump that "there will never be a deal without wall funding".

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During his interview with the Times, Kelly also said that the zero-tolerance policy at the border, which had resulted in the separation of children and parents, which caused global outrage, had been the then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision and it came as a "surprise" to the White House.

The remarks were a sharp contrast to the rhetoric of the president who regularly appeals to his overwhelmingly white political base by taking a hard line on immigration. Trump and Democratic lawmakers have not held any negotiations for days over the wall dispute. "But always saying wall or no wall is being very disingenuous and turning a complete blind eye to what is a crisis at the border".

Both in the House and Senate Democrats appeared defiant and have said they will not back down from their rejection of a border wall. "Veterans on President Trump's handling of Border Security - 62% Approval Rating", Trump tweeted Sunday, referring to AP VoteCast, a nationwide survey of more than 115,000 midterm voters - including more than 4,000 current and former service members - conducted for The Associated Press by NORC at the University of Chicago.

- Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of NY, the incoming Democratic caucus chairman, said on ABC that Democrats will not help fund an "ineffective, Medieval border wall that is a 5th century solution to a 21st century problem".

It should be pointed out too that Mr Kelly himself had said early in the Trump presidency that it would be a wall, and not a fence.

The partial government shutdown is in its second week over Trump's demand for US$5 billion for the wall.

Conway responded with a tweet alluding to the oath Trump took when he became president. Trump tried to set the record straight on Twitter.

"This is the same president who repeatedly promised the American people that Mexico would pay for the wall that he plans to build", New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries said on ABC's This Week program.

An estimated 380,000 federal employees in those departments have been furloughed and another 420,000 will have to work without pay.



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